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Its pretty trendy to like 90s RnB at the moment, and massively massively uncool to like current RnB. Hey ho. I got in another argument about this over the weekend with a friend of mine who had the cast iron defense– as I bombarded her with Nicki Minaj and Akon and Kerri Hilson– but I just dont like it. So in final desperation (and a fair amount of belligerence because, surprise surprise, Im like that when drunk and ranting about music) I wheeled out this un, the mighty, majestic Butterflyz and YES! had a break through. Voice Official have taken the nasal-thuggish RnB vocals of Bone Thugs and married them to murderous crunk drums and woozing intricate synthes that come across like a purple tinged hybrid of Joker dubstep, Lil Jon 808 boom and Parliaments psyche funk. To anyone who has ever loved soul but has a whole lot of trepidation over diving into the world of contemporary RnB- and to be fair there are a lot of dodgy lyrics, cliched productions and just plain cack songs which might well put you offI would whole heartedly recommend checking this out, as a beautiful, intricately layered piece of music that unravels more wonder with each listen. No lie.

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