Vinyl Richie



Well that's caused quite a shit storm hasn't it?! 
Bet that's not what you were expecting was it now Mr H?

Anyway, you could read for hours and hours on bloody message boards about all this… hasn't it been a right ole week of moaning on message boards?! 
Are we reaching critical mass where everyone just lives our music lives digitally through Traktor and online message boards? 
Is this whole storm of faecal a crystallisation of all that has happened in the musical 'revolution' of late?
Am contributing to it all? 

Very probably but let's have a little laugh anyway.

The best caption for the photo to your left on the comments below wins something nice and special… haven't decided what yet. 
Maybe it'll be a piece of my vinyl by Mr Hawtin that I don't listen to so much anymore… who knows.

Love and vinyl