Trust Candy Walls


This week Im changing tack. Rather than focus on the wretched major label dirges that clog up my inbox, Ive decided to venture wide eyed and trembling into the dusty and slightly archaic world of myspace, a sonic adventurer if you will. No more moaning about Top Shop indie and faceless electro for me, Im off in search of the gold that lies in them tharr digital hills…

So after a mere 15 minutes of clicking Im pleased to have come across Trust, a Toronto disco goth duo. Admittedly that sounds like a bad idea. I think I prefer their description of their sound as demon pop. Its essentially lazy journalism to describe the singers voice as similar to Nick Caves, but lazy journalism is what your going to get. He sounds like Nick Cave, or possibly the bloke from Tindersticks, trying to woo the dancefloor of a baroque graveyard discoteque where Georgio Moroders Munich Machine plays, very slowly, on eternal deathless repeat. The sparse new wave melodies have a genuine ethereal beauty in them, Robert Alfons vocals may not be for everyone, but are undoubtedly unique, and I find it amazing that this band are still unsigned. Take note Industry cock-knockers !

Ian Mcquaid

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