Trophy Wife


Moshi Moshi are always worth lending your ear, and this debut from the previously unknown (well to Ransom Note anyway) Trophy Wife doesnt disappoint. The band describe themselves, superbly, as ambitionless office disco and have a 4/4 kick thumping throughout Microlight to consolidate the disco side of things. Ambitionless would seem to be a touch of a red herring howeverthe guitars that pluck and soar around the plaintive vocals sound nothing more like (sorry if this feels like an insult, honestly it isnt) early U2. In fact, the bass, the riffs, the whole melody of Microlight has a New Years Day era U2 feel to it, but magically, magically utterly devoid of Bonos cock posturing. Instead Jody Prewitts voice has a more fragile Arthur Russell texture, settling over the track with a grey glorious melancholy, setting Trophy Wife up for what should be a good long tenure in the nations indie discos.

Ian Mcquaid

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