Tresor celebrate their 350th release with a 13-track compilation

_TRESOR350 Artwork

Tresor mark their 350th release with a compilation featuring artists whose music defies easy categorisation.

Made up of 13 tracks, the music is guided by the compilation’s title, yet, which alludes to how the word can be used in different contexts: ‘contrast or emphasis, set a place in time, show an expectation that something will occur or, paradoxically, that it is likely to stop’.

Consequently each track has a familiar feeling to begin with that’s soon flipped on its head through experimentation and invention.


There’s an opening contribution from Mozambican beat maker and RSN family Nandele alongside Italian producer A-Tweed, a unique collaboration between DJ Sotofett and Sri Lankan artist Kavadi, and leftfield electronic excursions from E-Saggila, NVST, Solid Blake and Nadia Struiwigh

Elsewhere you’ll find music masterminded by Jean Redondo, Ireen Amnes, Significant Other and Wilis Anne, rounded off with tracks from Viikatory, Ryan James Ford, and Nit.

2021 marked Berlin nightclub institution Tresor’s 30th birthday which they celebrated with their landmark 30 box set that featured 52 classic tracks as well as exclusive commissions.

01. Nandele & A-Tweed – Deserto
02. Nadia Struiwigh – Lovesong
03. E-Saggila – Pr1nt
04. NVST – Heatstress (Tunnel Edition)
05. Ryan James Ford – Totes (Bath Mix)
06. Viikatory – Cinema
07. Jean Redondo – Hypersonic
08. Significant Other – Cellar One
09. Wilis Anne – Späti System
10. DJ Sotofett meets Kavadi – கந்தன் கருணை Kandhan Karunai
11. Ireen Amnes – No Longer Human
12. Solid Blake – Hexaghost
13. Nit. – Cirrus Virga


yet will be released on 28th April.