Travis Porter


Hm, looks like I totally slipped on this. The original of Make It Rain came out about 6 months ago, and its only this remix with everyones main man Kels dripping his silvery pipes over the nails hard beat thats drawn my attention to it. A quick flick through youtube links has shown me theres a fair few version out there of the track, with this version being a nice, if inessential addition. Basically Make It rain has a stupidly low slung head bussin beat with some nagging female robotic hooks and a murderous car jacking bass. Its totally addictive and I feel like a fool for missing it earlier, cop any of the releases and for true listening pleasure, crank em at your barbecue til your neighbours have a fit.

Ps quick props must to the youtube comments genius who wrote R Kelly makes it rain piss on the vid ahahahahaha

Ian Mcquaid