Tiago and Dada


“The path of true rave doth not run smooth”.

After making such a song and dance (or should that be “track and dance”?) about the venue for July’s “Dada” party in Newcastle we have since learned that the local powers that be took exception to the proposed event taking place in a derelict music hall and ruled against using the space, threatening arrests if the party were to go ahead.
However, we’re suckers for a happy ending here at R$N and we’re pleased to report that with a mere 2 days to go till the party, Last Waltz (the DJs/Promoters/Producers behind Dada) miraculously managed to find another derelict, unused space, this time an actual nightclub (with the crucial pre-existing license), that was absolutely ideal (or according to some reports, better!) for the party.
More importantly, after spreading the word about the change, the cognoscenti of Newcastle turned up in there droves on the night (mainly for the music, but we suspect at least partly to give the old fashioned 2 fingered salute to the local council and police force).
The venue they found was “The Den” and it proved so good that Dada are going back there for one last time, when they hold their 3rd Birthday Party at the end of October, featuring another special guest, this time in the form of Portugal’s “Tiago”.
Tiago is weekly resident at what is arguably recognised as one of the worlds finest clubs for leftfield dance music and “proper” House, Club Lux in Lisbon
When he isn’t at Lux, Tiago can be found trotting the globe and playing the finest parties from Ibiza to Japan, via the US, Berlin and all points inbetween.
Tiago is also an accomplished music producer with releases on labels including Golf Channel, Leng, ESP Institute, DFA and Ene Japan.
In fact, we’ve been told that while Last Waltz have always been fans of Tiago, it was a combination of the glowing praise heaped on Tiago’s DJing skills from ENE Records owner (and Dada’s Last Guest) Chida, and their first hand experience of Tiago’s set at the recent Claremont Records secret woodland birthday party which helped them realise that he was the best possible choice to help them celebrate their own anniversary.
The party takes place at The Den in Newcastle on Saturday October 27th and tickets are available from www.notjustaticket.com.
To help get everyone in the mood, Dada / Last Waltz have arranged for us to host this entirely exclusive live recording of the last hour of Tiago himself playing in Bristol earlier this year.
Please note that this mix is streaming only and will only be available online for the next 2 weeks, so get involved while you can.

Also, while mentioning Last Waltz, can we take 5 mins to draw your attention to their next release, a remix on Jose Manuel’s new EP for the ever brilliant Tusk Wax, which should be available in the next 2-3 weeks.

B. Leers