The Subs


Do you remember the keyboard that Tom Hanks plays in Big ? Its a vast electric piano, laid out on the floor. Its so large that a man can only play one note at a time with each of his feet. Being a fun guy, Tom dances around on it playing Chopsticks to the delight of passersby. Its a very memorable scene. For the video to The Face of the Planet, The Subs should get some nimble footed Kosack men to replicate this scene, substituting Chopsticks for the melody from The Face of the Planet. Itd look brilliant. The orchestral stabbing synths in this track sound like such majestic nimble footed little men, leaping gloriously from note to note, that song and video would intertwine wonderfully. The singer could then do his bit about shouting like monkeys however he liked. Theres also a remix of this by Style of Eye that sounds like insects invading Mars, and thats pretty good as well.

Ian Mcquaid

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