The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band to release new album


The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band are set to release their second record, Planet Lam, on 21st October 2016 via Studio Lam. The new record is the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2014 LP 21st Century Molam, which was lauded by the Guardian as "a rousing debut". 

Inspiration for the title Planet Lam came from label co-owner Maft Sai's club of the same name. The club acts as a focal point for music and culture in Bangkok and played a significant role in shaping the sound and style of the band. Late night sessions, copious amounts of homemade ya-dong, run-ins with the police, and the constant back-and-forth of creative ideas between like-minded local musicians and artists have all fed into the creative process. Likewise, regular sets from international artists and DJs such as Andrew Ashong, Miles Cleret, Rabih Beaini, Macka B, Awesome Tapes From Africa and Hugo Mendez, who have all passed through the city in the last two years, have informed the sound we hear on Planet Lam.

The record took just five days to produce in Bangkok, including rehearsal time, and was mixed with Nick Manasseh in London. The tracks were recorded quickly, with the band moving between songs if they weren't nailed in two or three takes. This rough and ready style helps to keep the pace of the record flowing. Some additional, unplanned writing even took place in the studio. 

The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band have toured extensively over the past 2 years, recently completing 5 tours across Europe, including sets at Glastonbury this year, Field Day, and Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival in 2015.

1.    Lai Wau (Chasing The Cow)
2.    India Chia Muay (Thai Boxing Re-Fix)
3.    Mor Rhythm Mor Khaen
4.    Studio Lam Suite
5.    The Adventires of Sinsai
6.    Namtok (Waterfall)
7.    Sudsanan
8.    Exit Planet Lam
9.    Exit Dub
10. Lam San Ra

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