The Good the Bad and The Ugly #7


Mr. Evan's sorts the wheat from the chaff in his weekly plough through the R$N promo inbox.

The Good

Rodion & Mamarella – Escape from Kyoto (Alien Alien dub mix)
Slow Motion Records July 24th.

Bit of a nice italo flex going on, slightly slowed down which is good because, you know, we’re getting on a bit. The original mix does that thing that Italo disco tends to do: starts well before getting carried away when the melody kicks in and eventually makes you blush at the tweeness of it all. Thank god, then, for the Alien Alien dub mix, which dispenses with all that and keeps it low, warm and bubbly throughout.

The Bad

Elro – Real World.
679 records.

Comedy hip hop! Yess!
Oh, hold on – No!!!

This is sub par GLC from the kind of kid that hung out on the peripheries of the rude boys at school, carrying their bags and bearing the burden of being the butt of their jokes, in order to claim a little vicarious kudos. Something in me wants to cut Elro some flack and give him a hug, but that is overridden by the desire to throw slices of kraft cheese at his face.
There is a well-known saying: ‘Only the boring get bored’.

According to Elro himself on Real World, he is very, very bored.
I’ll leave the rest of the arithmetic to you.

The Ugly

Nguzunguzu – Delirium
Hippos in Tanks. July 3rd

Trebly, ear grating hipster nonsense from Nguzunguzu. Helium vocals: Check. Skittery drums: Check. No harmonic structure whatsoever: Check. Loved by the pin roll and snap back cap brigade: Check. We’ll look back at this ilk of electronic music in a few years with contempt and bewilderment, I’m sure of it. To these ears it lacks almost every quality required to make music bearable, so it’s obviously going to be a massive hit. Fans of this: Go and listen to some fucking Bach or something. Please. Jesus.

By Joe Evans