The Field Announces New Album ‘Infinite Moment’


Two years on from his previous outing on Kompakt, The Follower, Axel Willner has revived his The Field alias and announced his sixth full-length effort for the label, Infinite Moment. Slated for release on September 21, the new record sees him reach previously unexplored sonic territories; in his own words, "the threshold of creating something new had to be broken."

Of the release, Willner said: "stepping outside of the studio opened up fresh perspectives on the creation of new music", and it was the opening cut, 'Made of Steel, Made of Stone' – the first to be finished, that got him into the flux of things, making the "making of the rest of the album easier as I went".

View the full tracklist below:

1. Made of Steel, Made of Stone
2. Divide Now
3. Hear Your Voice
4. Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong
5. Who Goes There
6. Infinite Moment

Preorder Inifinte Moment HERE.