It’s FARR week round these parts!

As the sun breaks through this years ever present clouds, we’re starting to get pretty bloody excited about heading back into the woodland once again for our love-in with SOCIETY at FARR Festival this year. Featuring a line-up we’re extremely proud of we’ve asked the fine participants to pick us 5 tracks they’ll most certainly be busting out in our tent come the end of next month… 

This installment comes from a true legend of the London house scene. A Mr Terry Farley.

“Slough’s Ace Face and one of the quartet of cultural hooligans that brought you Boys Own. Terry Farley has been through more musical movements than Beethoven and more clothing fads than Hardy Amies. Born into a West London that sounds rather more like Kes than Hugh Grant’s Notting Hill, Farley has been clubbing and DJing at the coalface for over thirty years.” DJ History

Terry’s set at FARR last year was immense, so much so we’ve asked him back to do it all again this year. This time b2b2b with Dan Beaumont & Hannah Holland. 
Here’s his 5 For Farr pick… let your ears enjoy.

Delroy Edwards – Heart and Soul
Sounding so fresh and HOUSE up against a million tech house records wearing deep house t shirts this week , bouncy and sexy .

Mr White – Sun Can’t Compare 
classic from 2005 ( ish ) thats perfect for sun ups and sun downs in fields .. larry heards 303 never sounded better 

Gino Socio – So Lonely
New edit / mastering of a amazing record that fits todays HOUSE bill a treat , beautiful melancholy piano and vocal hook .

Russ Yalop – The Journey (Huxley’s Dub)
Huxley’s dub steals the show for me with clattering SP1200 style beats that evoke those iconic 2 min MAW bonus beats tracks that we would buy a expensive import for ..

Foremost Poets – Reasons To Be Dismal
The world’s best HOUSE Dj in 2013 Dixon shows exactly why hes the link between the past and the future on a amazing mix of a old school classic

Full FARR Festival details, including day tickets just released here.