It was 25 years ago in 1988 when the Acid House sound created a musical revolution in the UK following the success of Londons Shoom and Hedonism, whilst, at the same time, Manchester was kick starting the movement in the North of England with the Haciendas Hot and Nude nights. Acid House continued its corrosive effect on the late 80s party crowd with new clubs opening up almost every month throughout 1988 R.I.P., Spectrum, Zoo, The Trip, Apocalypse Now, Legends, the State, Rage, Sunrise to name a few.
By the summer of 1988 aka the second summer of love, Acid House was something of a national sensation in the UK with the political establishment seeing the movement as a threat to law and order and the tabloid press vilifying the movement and its main symbol, the smiley face.
But what exactly was Acid House?
Internationally renowned DJ and House expert, Terry Farley has painstakingly compiled 5 CDs which trace the movements beginnings and the incredible 6 years when this underground music from Chicago dominated the UK dance floors and spread throughout the world. To accompany this furious aural assault is a 32 page booklet written and curated by Miles Simpson, founder of the influential House Music blog, Beyond the Stars, interrogator of legendary DJs and all-round House expert.
Plus, of course, pages of scans, flyers and key photos from the period from the Terry Farley archives.
The repercussions of the original movement are still being felt today, with a new generation of House Music DJs and Clubs taking their cues from the original Acid House sound, which is currently enjoying something of a cultural renaissance via the current European/UK Deep House and Techno scenes with a new generation of DJs both playing and making music from this incredibly innovative period with direct influences from many of the actual Chicago classics featured within this box set. Most of the original producers of these Acid and Deep classics are also now once again in big demand with names like Frankie Knuckles, Gene Hunt, Bam Bam, DJ Pierre, Jaimie Principle, Virgo 4, Marshall Jefferson and Derrick May among others, headlining gigs in London, New York, Berlin and Ibiza.
Additionally a whole new generation of todays major DJs are using the influences of early Acid and Deep House including, D.J. T, Kink and Jamie Jones among many others. The sound of 85/91 never went away but is now massive again with a new generation of young club goers and young producers. Here is the source!
Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid & Deep House 1985-1991 is the ultimate must-have collection for anyone who is serious about their House Music history and the influences this genre has had over the subsequent 25 years.