Takuya Sugimoto reissues tracks from his COLOGNe alias on SAISEI Records


Prolific Japanese producer Takuya Sugimoto AKA COLOGNe is set to reissue six tracks from his 1999 ‘Deep Talk’ EP, via Junki Inoue’s SAISEI Records.

The EP, which provides a window into the warped-techno and IDM sonics Sugimoto became known for, was originally released solely on Japanese CD via Viola, and is now being pressed to vinyl for the first time.

Sugimoto has released music under a plethora of aliases including COLOGNe, Web and Sammansa, with his most revered release, ‘EVA’, under his Web moniker, launching FatCat Records in 1996. The tracks were licenced from Syzygy Records in Japan, which was one of the main Japanese labels that platformed his output during the 90s.

SAISEI is a Japanese word which translates to ‘reproduction’ and ‘to play’ (as in playing records). Label boss Inoue has been digging since the age of 16 and began the label as a platform to dive deeper into unique pieces of Japanese electronic music, which have never before been available on vinyl, and share them with new audiences across the world.

Listen to the snippets below.

Pre-order HERE.