T. Williams Lines Up Jabru For Next Release On His Today, Tomorrow Records


T. Williams has nabbed Jabru for the fourth instalment on his label, Today, Tomorrow Records. Due out 25th September, the EP is driven along with elements of bassline and breakbeat adding interesting colour to the standard house framework.

Opener 'Say To My Soul' spins out some metallic clunking and a shuffling beat under which reverberating, growling bass drones, offset towards the end by some upbeat chimes. The huge glowering bass and simple keys which drift above 'Super Position' recalls Digital Mystikz and Wookie's harder edge, trussing them to a 125bpm-plus tempo, and 'Jay Walk' is a forward leaning strut, legs-akimbo, which gives way to a twisting key melody that yo-yos up and down.

T. Williams all over really.

Say To My Soul is going to be available from all good online platforms from 25th September, but until then you can have a look at the other Today, Tomorrow releases here.