Sydney punks Low Life Announce New Record ‘Downer Edn’ on Helm’s Alter label


Sydney-based punk band Low Life have announced a new record set for release on A L T E R, the record label ran by Luke Younger aka experimental artist Helm.

Comprised of ten tracks, recorded over two years with Mikey Young (Total Control / Eddy Current Suppression Ring) on mixing duties and titled Downer Edn (read: edition) the album heralds an influx of new personnel, as the original trio – made up of Mitch Tolman, Cristan O'Sullivan and Greg Alfaro – have now expanded to a five piece, with Dizzy Daldal and Yuta Matsumara of Oily Boys and Orion now in tow.

According to the press release this has contributed to a 'bigger version' of the group's sound with more 'polished production', resulting in a record that 'not only shatters the boundaries of Australian punk but does so with the lushest attack conceivable'

In detailing the inspiration behind the record lead singer Mitch Tolman has cited Sydney as a primary point of focus: 'We're influenced by Sydney as a whole whether it be the hot and muggy concrete streets of the West and South West, the "glorious beaches" of South Sydney, the racial tensions left over from the putrid Cronulla riots of 2006, the pompous and superficial fake tan / bleached teeth combo suburbs of Bondi as well as Sydney's iconography: The Harbour, the Bridge, the Opera House, Kings Cross. All the desperation embedded in and around these areas, including the eternal influx of troubled people looking to get into trouble, is our experience and main influence'

Downer Edn follows Dogging, the debut LP the band put out in 2012, an album that was subsequently reissued in 2017 by A L T E R. Hailed as 'a modern classic of thugged-out, misanthropic murder-punk' by the likes of Low Company, Dogging became a memorable cult favourite in a few respected quarters. Judging by The Pitts, the first track to be revealed from the new record, we're in for another affair of loutish venom from down under, recommended for those who regularly blast the likes of Brainbombs and Constant Mongrel and for followers of contemporary punk labels like La Vida Es Un Mus and Static Shock.

Downer Edn is out in the UK on the 15th of March

Stream The Pitts & check the tracklist below

  1. The Pitts
  2. Lad Life
  3. 92                              
  4. Rave Slave
  5. RBB
  6. Lust Forevermore
  7. Glamour
  8. Gabbertron        
  9. Warrior                
  10. Crash

Pre-order directly from Bandcamp HERE or from all the other usual places HERE