‘Superstar Djs’ Show To Air On Channel 4


Annie Mac is presenting a new series for Channel 4 on that most 90s of beasts – the Superstar DJ. According to press, the series will feature bonafide Vegas smashing superstars such as Diplo and Tiesto, alongside alongside Fatboy Slim, Seth Troxler and Disclosure.

Discussing the series with Clash Magazine, Mac highlighted the changing relationship the internet is having with popularity, explaining –

"I think, in the last few years, social networking has helped increase a lot of DJ profiles. Their personality can come through that way. And personality is vital. A lot of DJs out there would admit that their personality is why they’re so successful. In the series, we speak to Jamie Jones, and he talks to us about Seth Troxler. He’s genuinely one of those people who’s so charismatic – and he’d admit that’s a factor in why he’s come so far. Jamie Jones is seen as a likeable, fun person – and if you present that personality to promoters, they’re going to want you back.

And production, too, is important. It’s massive. It’s been fascinating to watch how DJs have turned into producers, and producers into DJs. Disclosure were famous before they even knew how to DJ. They told us that they showed up to their first DJ gig without a clue how to beatmatch. They didn’t know what to do – and yet they were making their own, really good music. But what’s more important, these days? I think there is a case that you can do one without the other."

To be honest, what not sure that either Troxler or the Disclosure lads are what we'd really, genuinely term a 'superstar' DJ, but presumably there's only so many goons in V necks playing EDM you can reasonably fit in one show. The first episode is set to air June 25th on Channel 4, watch a trailer below.