Supanova Slow


SupaNova Slom is a fucking crunked out genius. OK, tell me you dont agree. NO, hold, up, take a little mosey over to , take a ride on his Supanova Mothership, touch down on his SupaNova Homeworlds, admire his solar system spangled doorag and his fucking enormous Ankh. Youre still not convinced ? Have you checked out the Wholistic Health Homeworld ? Where SupaNova, dressed like a sta-pressed alpine smurf, poses problems such as What can I do to treat acne and various skin conditions? to a universal space queen, whilst bone rattling crunk plays in the background…

On top of this, his new track, Energy, is dancefloor gold… Its like all the best, creepiest bits of Lil Wayne or Birdman, replete with great hooks and grimey bass, but completely bereft of any shite college rock guitar and/or dead end autotune. Find it, love it treasure it, and be at one with the galaxy.

Ian Mcquaid