Standard Deviation release mini album from Kyiv producer Chaosy

STDEV010 Cover (by Ormstick)

Ukrainian label Standard Deviation have released a mini album titled KATAKOMBA from Kyiv native Chaosy.

Over a year in the works, the six-track release was originally intended to be announced on 24th February 2022, the day Russia began their full-scale invasion in Ukraine.

Now, the release has finally been shared with the world, representing a new chapter musically and stylistically for the label.


Chaosy, real name Bogdan Temchenko, came from a metal and punk background but found himself drawn to making electronic music a few years ago. Following two self-released LPs, he now makes his official label debut with KATAKOMBA, which ruminates on themes of mysticism and desolation via punkish electronics and echoes of the black metal influences that he grew up with.

A self-taught musician, Bogdan started his first metal band at the age of 13 and honed his skills at pubs and venues around the Ukrainian capital. He currently plays with two bands: as a drummer for black metal outfit Angel, and as a singer and guitarist for post-punk project Lyrica.

01 Joomangy In Da Hurashami
02 Shaolean
03 Black Boat
04 Wrestling Of The Sleeping Minds
05 Borderline
06 Solstice

KATAKOMBA is out now on Standard Deviation.