Sophia Loizou readies new album for Houndstooth


Bristol-based composer and multidisciplinary artist Sophia Loizou’s is set to release a new album titled Untold for fabric’s label arm Houndstooth. 

Painting a series of sonic landscapes, the LP explores the relationship between the natural and the technological, abstracting the sounds of animals, oceans waves and weather into ambient electronic compositions. Across the release she uses field recordings and sounds from living systems, not simply as sound sources but also as control sources, envelopes and signals to shape the dynamics. 

On writing the album Loizou explains, “I didn’t want to make it human-centric. I wanted to remove my compositional and structural domination, to find ways to make it about the symbiosis of systems I see in the world.

My writing was triggered by lots of weird and changeable weather events, at home in the West Country and on trips to Scotland and Iceland,” she explains. During huge storms in remote areas of Iceland she experienced feelings of liberation from the self that can happen when faced with the power of the earth or the scale of the sea. “I’m not the sitting still type but when I stop and observe the world, I become transfixed by the shapes and movements of those natural forces.” 

Operating at the intersection of contemporary electronic music, speculative fiction and the ecological, Loizou has previously released outings for Astro:Dynamics, Kathexis and Cosmo Rhythmatic. She is currently working on a PhD at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is a lecturer in music production.

Untold‘s nine track release is also part of a wider multi-disciplinary project involving an illustrated collection of poems and sonic landscapes, an AV show and a lecture performance. Watch the video for lead track Anima below…