Sonar & The L’Auditori Presents First European Performance Of ‘Become Ocean’


So this performance, for all its conceptual airifairiness, does sound quite interesting. It's a performance for three orchestras who filter "drone aesthetics through orchestral symphonic language", and takes into consideration an ocean in terms of the evocation of the sounds being evoked by the orchestra, the placement of the audience with the movements climaxing and converging separately and together, the contribution of the piece to a wider pool of music – and composer John Luther Adams has addressed directly the issues of climate change and progressive destruction of protected areas;

"Life on this earth first emerged from the sea. And as the polar ice melts and sea level rises we humans find ourselves facing the prospect that, once again, we may quite literally become ocean."

It's all very earnestly high brow, but the sounds rendered and explored really are quite stunning. 

The immersive, 42-minute piece will be performed next year, July 2016, at the Pau Casals' Hall 1 in Barcelona and will see Brad Lubman conduct the National Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona & Catalonia. Tickets can be booked already here.