Snoop Dogg


Whoops ! Snoops only gone and covered a remix of an Ice Cube song that itself uses the beat from Grandmaster Flashs The Message. Cripes! Is that the sound of hip hop munching upon its own bloated, face down, rat gnawed corpse ? Or is this merely a knowing self referential jam-that-bangs ? Jesus I dont know. Personally I quite like it. The beats a killer, and fairs fair, the Message came out in the Stone Age so no ones ever heard it anyway. (I heard Pixie Lott describe Take That as old skool the other day, Lord help us). Snoop still sounds good, and isnt as pointless as Jay-Z, despite having been round a fuck sight longer. Yes. All in all this is alright. Maybe a touch irrelevant but, hey the mans got a mansion to maintain.

Ian Mcquaid