SleeveNotes:Luke Solomon – Top 10 Classic Artwork


Undeniably one of British house musics unsung heroes, Luke Solomon has an impressive track record of underground success. No-one could debate Lukes dance music credentials. From setting up the seminal label Classic Recordings with Derrick Carter to taking quirky house to the UK Top 10 and international charts, with his band Freaks, Luke has been there for many of the more interesting 4/4 moments of the last few years.

Ahead of the Classic vs Horse Meat Disco battle (love-in) to be held at Random Magic next weekend, we got Luke to kick off the proceedings of what might become another new series to grace the pages of R$N (We’re still unsure how we feel about the idea but this is a banger so don’t doubt it won’t rear its head again soon). Luke lets us in on his top 10 sleeves to come out on Classic Records, taking in the visual pleasures of Boe & Zak‘s ‘Looking for Love’, Metro Area‘s ‘Pina’ and Classic Through The Eyes Of Dijon Honey.

The Digital Kid – Data Bleeps & Noises

For personal reasons and the fact it was made entirely of zeroes and ones.

Oneiro – Shhhh

I just love Derricks lyrics and that we added them to the sleeve and the colours are great, black & grey and the reverse was bright green.

Iz and Diz – Mouth

Diz’s great big lips in shiny silver.what’s not to love?

Greens Keepers – Whats Your Man Got To Do With Gan?

One of a few Warhol pastiches weve done over the years…and this one was of James Curds dog, so added a personal flavour.

Roy Davis Jr. – About Love

So many memories attached to both these 12s that the artwork is ingrained into my mind.

Boe & Zak – Looking For Love

One from the new school…love love love everything about it


Our very first release with artwork by Joshua from Iz and Diz, so holds a very special place. Joshua actually designed the classic logo too.

Kill Hannah – Kennedy

Another Warhol pastiche. Iconic image. Loved the colours on this, really jumped out at you in record shops.

Metro Area – Pina

More art upon art…. This time with splashes. A Pollock pastiche of sorts..

Classic Through The Eyes of Honey Dijon

Honey personally asked famous NYC graffiti artist Kenny Scharf (a friend of hers) if we could use an element of one his images to form the artwork for her compilation.