Singles Club #8


ESA Serenity in a Forbidden Place (Burek)

Croatia is a country known by UK ravers as the place Brits love to go on their holidays for their summer mentalness but its also the home to the criminally underlooked Burek label. Here with their 6th release Serenity in a Forbidden Place by the South African born Glaswegian ESA aka Mervin Granger who is a Sub Club regular and also part of the Auntie Flo live set up.

The 12 opens with Serenity; a lovely, blissful house cut that kicks things off with lazy drums, spacy strings and slowly gets your head nodding. Forbidden Place is another understated affair, with a laid-back organ line and a nice dose of squelchy acid line for good measure. The two original tracks are pretty special in themselves but the icing on the cake comes with the Fudge Fingas mix on the B Side. What a track! Starting with lush strings this quickly evolves into a house workout of the highest order; bringing in a warm, full bassline and classic strings and perfect drums. 707s all the way.

Out now on wax (digital to follow)

Mudkid Muddy Blues EP (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Ok, a house EP. Two second rate tracks and a remix by someone famous right? Or maybe even one track, and a gazillion remixes that sound nothing like the original with the remixers probably never even hearing the artists original tune? Nope this is 6 original tracks by Mudkid (aka Franklin De Costa) (4 on wax with 2 extra for the digi release) a lovingly designed cover all done apparently with love, dedication and hard work. Unusual tactic but it might just work.

This collection appears to be a mixture of previously released material that now gets its day in the sun on vinyl and new tracks from the laboratory of Mr De Costa. This is masterfully put together, deep deep house music that ranges from blissful pianos to atonal weirdness.

Out 5th August on wax + digital.

?Kirk Degiorgio Sambatek Remixes (Far Out Recordings)

Kirk Degiorgios a bit of a don if you ask me and the second installment of his Sambatek Remixes series proves just this. 4 different colors of techno, from the bright strings of Rochina (his original mix) to the eerie spaciousness of the BNJMN mix of Babilonia, the stripped back pace of the Jonas Kopp mix of Borel to the bump bump of the Spatial mix of Dende. Well worth it.

Out 22nd July on wax and digital.

Kelpe Monte Verita (Dont be Afraid)

DBA seem to be coming out with some hot music lately and this release from Kelpe (on their DBA Dubs series) is no exception. Monte Verita (sorry DBA but I cant find the accent for the a on my keyboard) is a lovely, low-slung, low fi analogue house track and the Kevin Reynolds mix takes things a little more spiky but still very analogue heavy.

Out on wax in August.

Joe Europe