Simian Mobile Disco On A Tangent With New Single


Today sees Simian Mobile Disco launch the first single off their new, hotly anticipated all analogue album 'Whorl'. 'Tangents', as it is called, is a spaced out, synapse frying epic. We can't help noticing that the video hasn't been made yet – which is great because we've got a flipping brilliant idea for a pitch – here goes:

King Arthur arises from his tomb in the year 2114 to find that Avalon, aka England has become an arid desert. He wanders, weary through the formerly green hills, having flashbacks to past adventures, whilst sweating under the cruel hot sun of an environmentally knankered world. As he staggers on he throws off piece after piece of his heavy armour, eventually falling to the floor near nude at the base of a decayed oak tree. His sword, Excaliber, touches the oak, which splits, freeing Merlin from within. Merlin, ancient, withered, steps out and touches the blighted earth with his staff. Green shoots fly out, the rolling meadows of England are restored and we fade out on a close up of Arthur's face as he lays on his back, weeping and laughing to the sky. Alan Moore plays Merlin and Idris Elba plays Arthur. Boom. Job done. Tell me that doesn't work.


You can buy 'Tangents' here  and pre order the 'Whorl' album right here