Shed returns to Ostgut Ton for new album


Rene Pawlowitz has announced the release of a new album for the German label with which he is closely affiliated due for release on the 29th of November at the end of this week. This will be his fifth full length album, an LP which focusses on his birthplace and home, Oderbruch. The region, formerly belonging to East Germany, is channeled thematically across the release which Rene describing the album as follows: 

“What binds you to places? To remembering them. Places you can feel, when you feel at home. Places that affirm your very existence. This place for me is the Oderbruch. This album is dedicated to it.”

The new album spans nine tracks and wanders through the midst of techno, ambient soundscapes and woozy electronics. It is all rounded off with a sense of melancholy poignance which Shed has become hugely celebrated for across a prominent career. 

A full tracklist can be seen below:

1. B1 (Anfang und Ende)
2. Die Oder
3. Menschen und Mauern
4. Sterbende Alleen
5. Nacht, Fluss, Grille, Auto, Frosch, Eule, Mücke
6. Der Wolf kehrt zurück
7. Seelöwen Höhen
8. Trauernde Weiden
9. Das Bruch

Listen a track below: 

Shed will present this first release with Ostgut Ton since 2010's The Traveller in a special live performance in Säule on December 8 during the Berghain Klubnacht.