Scratch Obsession


Want to know how fast a turntablist moves the crossfader?

R$N stable-mate Dan Leach has been busy once again, this time publishing the first analysis of its kind of a scratch DJ for the Macho Zapp multimedia feature 'Scratch Obsession'.

Alongside slow-motion footage of DJ Woody's hand movements and comment from a psychologist and professor of clinical biomechanics, Dan worked out the number of crossfader and vinyl movements in a 1min 41sec performance, as well as the speed of the fader, and even the kinetic energy created.

To give you a taster, here we feature the intro to the article and DJ Woody's famous signature Woodpecker scratch filmed at 400 frames per second;

“F**k knows!” laughs DJ Woody when asked how many hours he has spent practising since he first began learning to scratch. He’s just finished a video shoot for Macho Zapp. A few minutes of freestyle scratching was the request but instead, such is the man, he gives us a whole routine.

His hands flash over the mixer's faders and turntable platter – one moment gently pulling the record back and letting it go, the next rapidly jerking the vinyl with his hand and then fingers. It all combines to produce a performance that is at once visually and sonically striking. This is the art of scratching demonstrated by one of its finest exponents – held in such high esteem he is asked to judge world DJ tournaments.

Read the full piece over on Macho Zapp.