Rvng Intl. Announce Survey Of ’80s Diy Musician Mark Renner


RVNG Intl. are releasing a survey of US DIY musician Mark Renner in 2018. Due out 16th February, Few Traces covers a near decade of scarcely heard material from 1982 to 1990. The albums All Walks of This Life and Painter's Joy are both included along with early singles, compilation tracks and previously unreleased gems.

Split between ambient explorations and more vocal/guitar-centric songs, Renner's exemplary music should be a treat for fans of Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, The Durruti Column etc. who are most likely discovering these songs for the first time.

Watch the newly-commissioned video for 'Half A Heart' below, filmed in the hills of the Scottish Borders in order to honor Renner’s formative long-distance tutorship with Big Country's Stuart Adamson:

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