Roman Flügel set to release new album on Running Back


The celebrated producer from Frankfurt is set to release an LP on the record label run by Gerd Janson.

Titled “Eating Darkness” the album will be released later this year on the 7th of May and features nine tracks which showcase an array of styles and influences, some leaning towards the dancefloor and others firmly rooted elsewhere. 

Prior to the album the label will release an introductory EP of sorts which signals promise of things to come. “Anima” will be available from the 19th of March. 

Listen to a new track below:

A full album tracklist can be seen below:

1. Magic Briefcase
2. Chemicals
3. Wow
4. Jocks and Freaks
5. The Best Is Yet To Come
6. Cluttered Homes
7. Eternal
8. Locked
9. Charles

Buy the forthcoming EP HERE and keep an eye out for the album soon after.