Rob Star’s


Every week Rob Star will be picking out his favourite books, talks, workshops and films highlighting what we are calling new world musings… This bascially refers to an increased recognition by people of all different ages and backgrounds of the spiritual sides of our lives, this is something which seems to be being felt in many areas of the world, by many different people. I’m pretty sure if you’d have asked me 18 months ago if i’d be writing this I would have laughed hysterically, but something has drawn me to it, and it has certainly changed me as a person…

The first event I wanted to highlight was a concert held in St. James Church Picadilly by the Alternatives Group.

The church itself is a magnificent building which gives the talks an extra dynamic and atmosphere, I would thoroughly recommend checking out their programme for the year at

For their First Event in 2010, they are hosting a concert at St James’s Church this coming Monday 11 January with Chloe Goodchild entitled Thousand Ways of Light. Come and enter a timeless realm of shared sound and silence, integrating breath, body, heart and mind into a unified self-awareness inspired by meditative mantras, sacred chants, devotional songs and love poetry, generating a field of deep stillness and presence; a chance to uplift your spirit and celebrate the beginning of 2010. What better way to start the year?