Ricardo Tobar debut album set for release in October


Ricardo Tobar debut album set for release in October

The Chilean techno producer Ricardo Tobar is set to release his eagerly anticipated debut album, Trellis, more than six years after his first recorded output. Trellis is out on CD/LP and digital on October 28th on Desire, the Paris-based label that has previously released music from Ike Yard, Monoton and Egyptology.

Trellis features 11 tracks and reveals a lush, textured electronic sound that would be equally at home on Border Community or Sonic Cathedral, both labels that Tobar has recorded for in the past. He contributed a gorgeously blissed-out Balearic remix of Japancakes cover of My Bloody Valentines Touched for Sonic Cathedral, while he released two EPs for James Holdens Border Community in 2007 and 2008.

Tobar favours analogue equipment and old drum machines to create dirty yet beautiful and hypnotic soundscapes. The label have compared his use of synths to the way Sonic Youth and MBV use guitars, while another inspiration for the album is esotericism, in the way that music can profoundly touch and transport you in another dimension.

The album will be preceded a single, If I Love You, early in September featuring remixes from the JakBeat pioneer DMarc Cantu, purveyor of slow techno Samuel Kerridge (Downwards) and the rising French DJ/producer Low Jack. The 12 is limited to 500 copies, pressed on heavyweight red vinyl.

Also available for your listening pleasure is another album cut, Garden (released on a one-sided 12 limited to 100 copies back in June), a deep analogue techno excursion with rat-a-tat drums and layers of machine noise that builds with gorgeous melodies and a groaning vocal sample that wouldnt sound out of place on Loveless.

Trellis is out on Desire Records on October 28

Pre-order If I Love You here

Joe Clay