Rare Garage EP from Germany via UK set for reissue


A highly sought after 12" is set to showcase the music of Garage label Gush Collective, an imprint from Germany which released music in the early 2000's. Music on the label has been in hot demand and has gathered hype as of late online amidst social media groups and in the sets of DJ's rediscovering the work. 

Set for release by a new label, Shuffle ‘n’ Swing, the new EP will feature music from Gush Collective members including Herb LF, Adam K, 2 Smart & Bassbin Drivers. Three of the tracks on the new EP have never been heard previously and act as an insight into the golden era of garage whilst one of the tracks on the EP has only featured on a pricey compilation previously, Herb LF's "Supa Steppin'". 

The release comes with a zine. 

Listen to clips below: