Ransom Note Records Launches!!


So, yes this was inevitable – we've finally decided to throw ourselves into the murky world of vinyl… SO, if you're wiley, you'll skip all the rest of the chat and head straight over to our Bandcamp before it sells out.

For those of you still with us, here's the back story. The first release on Ransom Note Records comes from the nimble fingers of Madrid based producer Bawrut. When Bawrut first sent us his carnival ready acid banger Ciquita we instantly fell in love; it distilled everything we love about acid into one killer tune- it was hard, playful, rhythmically wild, and it sounded like a block party going apeshit in the sun. We demanded to know where we could get the vinyl from- when it transpired that there was no vinyl available we did the only thing that made sense; decided to release it ourselves. It then turned out that Bawrut was sitting on around a billion other bangers – the problem wasn't what to put on the B Side, but what not to put on the B Side… In the end we settled for 1-2-3-4, another acid attack, this time with a chunky Gallic stomp. 

So here it is; R$N#1.

We've had tracks premiered by Les Yeux Orange and DJ Mag, Data Transmission have very kindly given us single of the week, and we've had crazy feedback off DJs, with Erol Alkan, Optimo, Jackmaster, Axel Boman, Moscoman, Days Of Being Wild, Dan Beaumont, Andy Blake, Sean Johnston and a bunch more dropping the record on promo to big response. Wooo! It's all kinda exciting. Hopefully we won't lose a fortune. 

You can buy the 12" in all the usual on and offline places, but we've also kept an ultra limited run of 50 that come with a limited Ransom Note print (just some gubbins on paper if we're honest) – we're doing them for a cheaper price than you'll find em anywhere else as a reward to our loyal, lovely readers. Get over to the Bandcamp and grab em before they go…