Rainy Miller announces ‘Desquamation’ project ft Blackhaine, Space Afrika & more


The singer-songwriter and producer’s new project drops this November via HEAD II – the label arm of Salford venue, The White Hotel.

Rainy Miller announces the project with lead single ‘Misery is as Misery Does’, a warped pop track that sits amongst other album cuts which cover gritty drill and boundary-pushing maximalist electronics.

Featuring collaborations with fellow North Western contemporaries like Space Africa, Blackhaine, Iceboy Violet and Moseley, Desquamation sees Rainy examine modern British life through thought-provoking lyricism which touches on subjects of self-reflection, angst, trauma, growth.


On the process and concept behind the release, the title of which alludes to the act of shedding an outer membrane, Rainy explains that: “The project spanned a time in which I felt stifled and uninspired, in the music I was making, hearing, and culture in general. I had fallen out of love with writing music. Searching for inspiration, and the world as we knew it, had come to a standstill. I felt entirely lost and uncertain with the position I’d found myself in, as a creative, in competition with myself, and coming to terms with the pillars of the music industry.”

Listen to ‘Misery is as Misery Does’.


Desquamation will be released on the 2nd November.