Hagan announces debut LP, ‘Textures’, for Python Syndicate

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British-Ghanaian producer and DJ Hagan has shared the first track ‘Pray For Me’, from his debut album Textures, which is set for release in full on 7th October.

Textures was written following Hagan’s visit to Accra and traces his journey back to his roots with pitstops in Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil and the UK. It’s a celebration of culture, of the connections he’s made and the global scenes around the world.

A collection of rich, percussive music, the album promises plenty of collaborations and stories that explore the power of music and rhythm.


The first single to be shared, ‘Pray For Me’, which features vocals from London-based R&B artist Ayeisha Raquel, is a jazz-tinged broken beat cut that pays homage to Hagan’s beginnings in UK Funky. Inspired by his grandmother in Ghana, the track translates a message of family connection, love and faith.

Speaking about the single, Hagan explains that it has two perspectives: “As the track title states, this track is a reminder of all the personal prayers my Grandma would say upon my life and how I’d also do the same for her. Alternatively ‘Pray For Me’ was written from the perspective of a non-believer that is yearning for something or someone to believe in. Filled with curiosity and desperate for something life changing, the request to be taught how to pray is humbly made.”

Since cutting his teeth in the world of UK Funky, Hagan has explored the intersection between UK club music and his African heritage, with a particular focus on percussive sounds. His releases which fuse elements of Afro-House, Highlife, UK Funky, Garage and more with club sounds have come via Push and Run, Future Bounce and Gobstopper.

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