Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise Remixes


The original of 'Valley Of Paradise' released last year recalled a slow motion prayer, a cosmic hymn to the creator, a giving of thanks to nature and it's eternal dimensions. Not being a massive one for all this ethereal cosmic thinking – my hippy parents messed that up for me – we'll dispense with all that gubbins for the purposes of this review. Don't take that the wrong way, I'm a Psychemagik fan, what I want to concentrate on here tho is this rather fine remix package. It feels a little odd writing this as rain beats its atypical April path to the window but the moment this landed on R$N's virtual door, visions of summer sunshine on newly discovered Adriatic coastlines and acidic straw laden fields came drifting into the flat. 

Aside from the rather bizarrely arranged running order this is a stone-cold beauty. You'd be doing Time & Space Machine's reworking a disservice by calling it Psych-Balearic but I'm lost for a better vocabulary so we'll go with that. Lazy summer days with reversed guitars, hazy vocals and lolloping string-laden, low slung grooves drift through. An epic masterpiece of the tripped-back variety.

The gentleman that is Toby Tobias is, some might say making some of best music of his career of late. Notching it up a gear from where Richard Norris's Time & Space… left off, his rework delves into smack-house territory (his words). I'm going for some sort of strand of slowed down new school acid house balearia. Wonderful, weird, great and good.

For the floor Greg Wilson's remix is the obvious pick which will satisfy every feet moving need. Wibbling basslines, acidic squelches and reimagined keys and a right tough kick. If this doesn't show up on a beach in Croatia and every other discerning sunshine festival then my name's Barry… 
Out on picture disc n' all.
Go seek.

Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise Remixes
A1: Rayko Remix
A2: Time & Space Machine Remix
B1: Greg Wilson Remix
B2: Toby Tobias Remix
Released April 23rd