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Now then, Id like to think that I am quite savvy when it comes to being down with the ‘masses’ with my love and glorification of some utterly banal shite but how the fk did I miss Follow The Right Path on Britains Got Talent?!

Forget Subo, forget the Hoff and forget the Scottish beggar that won it this year. THESE BOYS REALLY ARE THE FUTURE.

Follow The Right Path – Britain’s Got Talent All embeds disabled unfortunately!!

Celine Dion, my heart will go on

Can’t wait for the Kate McCann re-edit

Now then I’m going to hazard a guess here, these boys never actually got %&%$d by their granpa at any point at all. This is true love isnt it. Awwww-mazing! Maybe they have been brutally a^&(@@&*ed by the old boy and his bowling club mates and just havent realized it yet

The one thing I like about these boys is that they have talent, and it actually warms my heart that when they inevitably spawn some underage offspring with the fittest birds at their schools now theyve been on telly that my tax will pay for someone who was on the telly a couple of times! At least thats something theyve achieved in their lives! GO TEAM GRANPA

Speaking of r&*^$ts, it’s 50 a ticket to go see some c&*^ stand there with a giant mickey mouse hat on and play a banging CD for an hour this weekend whilst the Australian masses from Earls Court and Clapham have a day out in Vicky Park.


Finally, what was this absolute bllnd to the left thinking? Thats blatantly Ferry Corsten..

Al Lude

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