Pirate Soundsystem


Suren from My Panda Shall Fly has been renowned round London for building DJ sets that flow from classic vocal 2step to gnarling dubstep, to future garage, and this, one of his first official (as far as I know) remixes doesnt disappoint. As his record collection testifies, Panda has a long standing affinity with the building blocks of garage and a willingness to take them forward. Thus there are warm glowing hazes of organ chords, the cut-up Todd Edwards style vocal stylings, and, crucially, the deadly deep subs that can only come from a youth spent chasing late night pirates round the dial. Added to these are walls and chasms of echo and effect that have as much in common with the ChillWave created by Washed Out as they do the old skool fractured insect-funk of Ant Hill Mob and you’re left immersed in a track that cruises between the raw and the heady with true style.

Pirate Soundsystem ‘Dub n U’ (My Panda Shall Fly Dub) by My Panda Shall Fly ?


Ian Mcquaid

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