Pedestrian And Maribou State Ready Debut Release On Their New Label


Pedestrian and Maribou State have joined forces to launch a new label together – Dama Dama. The debut vinyl and digital release on the new label will be Circadian Rhythms, a four-track concept EP by Pedestrian (including one collab between the label founders), with each track representing a different time of day, gradually getting deeper and darker (the 12" is split into a 'Day Side' and a 'Night Side').

Track Listing:

1. Simple Minded at Dawn
2. Deep in Daylight

3. Torn Blue
4. JNT ft. Maribou State

In celebration of the label launch, the new label bosses are also throwing a launch party at Bermondsey Social Club on February 5th (with Pedestrian and Maribou State DJing all night) 

Circadian Rhythms is due out on Dama Dama on 12th February 2016
Tickets are on sale now for the Dama Launch Party at Bermondsey Social Club on 5th February