Ombra International To Release New Split Ep


The record label recently founded by Luca Venezia aka Curses is set to release a four track EP featuring appearances from Bagarre Perdue, Sutja Gutierrez, Mondowski and Seven Knives. The overarching concept behind the label is to blend post punk, krautrock, new wave and italo influences into one resounding composition. This will be the fourth in the series to be released which has previously featured the likes of Perel, Dawn Again and Roe Deers. The release is due out next month with the mood of the EP reflecting the turn of the season. 

We are ble to exclusively stream a track from the new EP in the form of Mondowski's "Cold Sweat". A French producer now based in London who has previously released music on the likes of Relish. 

Listen below: 

Visit the Ombra International site HERE

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