Olivia and Chino debut on Pinkman with their Radiation 30376 live project


Olivia and Chino, two key figures within Kraków’s music scene and Poland as a whole, have released their debut on Dutch label Pinkman Records under their new live alias Radiation 30376. 

Released on 9th July, the EP showcases the duo’s love of acid, EBM and electro sounds and their shared passion for hardware, channeled through intense, brutalist beats and fast-paced electronic mutations.

Paying homage to their roots, the pair’s name derives from their Kraków postcode and growing up in the shadow of the Chernobyl catastrophe. In 2019 Radiation 30376 debuted their live world premiere at Unsound Festival in their home city.

The pair have been entrenched in Kraków’s club scene for many years and in many different forms, from owning a club to heading up the acclaimed event series Radar and being active voices for their community. Separately, solo outings have come for both of them; Olivia on K-Hole Trax and Pinkman and Chino on Recognition, Uncanny Valley and Syntetyk.

Buy HERE. Follow Radiation 30376. Photo: Paweł Zanio (Unsound 2019).