Object Blue, Suzanne Kraft & Ciel remix Seb Wildblood on new EP


An eclectic array of producers have been brought in to remix tracks taken from his recent album "Sketches Of Transition". The London based producer released the album earlier this year on his own imprint, All My Thoughts. He has invited some of the most interesting producers on the circuit at present to reimagine the music featured on the album as they each morph and warp the tracks into something new entirely. 

Object Blue playfully rearranges "Sketches" into a mutated electronic experiment, Suzanne Kraft slows things down in a progressive fashion with nods towards proto house and Ciel facilitates the breaks upon "Bahn" in what is referenced as an Eastern Promises Dub. 

A full tracklist can be seen below:

a1. amelia ft. mauv (Suzanne Kraft remix)
a2. sketches (object blue remix)
b1. small talk (Jenifa Mayanja remix)
b2. bahn (Ciel’s eastern promises dub)
+ thought for food ft. mauv (Tom VR remix)
+ one for malcolm (mauv remix)
+ ghostie ft. Buddy Love (ukg flip)

Stream the Suzanne Kraft remix below:

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