Numero Records Announce Uk Compilation & Tour


To the more discerning patron of archive releases, the Chicago reissue label, Numero Group have garnered a bit of a rep for impeccably restored and well researched rare, deep soul, most notably through their 'Eccentric Soul' series. Though the label, begun in 2002, has since gone on to release everything from cult psych (the Pisces LP 'A Lovely Sight') to revered 'slowcore' (a slew of Codeine LP's)

Recently they've shown a new lease of greater (some would say unhinged) ambition with the 'Wayfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles' compilation, a heavy metal compilation, accompanied by a boardgame; perfect fare for the less self conscious headbanger.

Whether that eccentricity appeals or not, trawling through the rest of their catalogue represents an opportunity to always discover something new, refreshing and neglected (a personal favourite has been the 'Good God: Apocryphal Hymns' release, a set of private press gospel and sacred soul which is as magnificent as that sounds)

So praise be that they're hitting these shores for an 8 day tour starting in Edinburgh at Studio 24 (hopefully they'll quell the disappointment of the 'Yes' Campaign and relieve some tension)

Ostensibly commemorating the tour is a new CD release; 'Tinmine Soul Supply'.

All the details of where they're hitting up and what to expect with the Soul Supply release are below.

"For ten days, Chicago's Numero Group will send shockwave after shockwave down the spines of UK dancers and record buyers. From Edinburgh to London, Manchester to Dublin, the M1 to the M4, Numero will be hosting a series of dance parties, in store events, films, and even a pop up shop. They will have a full line of LPs, CDs, games, 45s, and all the other miscellaneous debris you've come to love us for.  Not only that, we're even manufacturing a special UK ONLY limited edition compact disc, TINMINE SOUL SUPPLY which will be available from 20th September in the UK’s best independent records shops only."

Tour Dates :

20-Sep Edinburgh:Studio 24 (Numero DJ's from 10.00pm)

21-Sep Manchester: Electrik Bar (Numero DJ's from 8.00pm)

23-Sep London: Rough Trade East [6.00pm, In-store event including Q&A]
24-Sep London: Servant Jazz Quarters (Numero dj's from 7.00pm)

25-Sep Dublin Sugar Club (from 9.00pm) 

26-Sep Cork Triskel Arts Centre (Numero dj's from 8.00pm)

27-Sep London Ace Hotel (Numero dj's from 8.00pm)

28-Sep London Strongroom  (Numero Pop Up shop from 2.00 to 8.00pm / Numero dj's from 8.00- 10.30pm)

Release Details for Tinmine Soul Supply
Format: CD 
UK Release Date: 20th September 2014

20 Faith-Keeping, Floor Shaking Stompers from Deep in the Numero Vault 

"Original Vinyl Only! That’s what has been used to make this CD… OK, so a few came from master tapes, we’ll hope the most parochial soulies will let us slide (though we’re anticipating a Soul Source 10-pager on the topic). A “northern soul” style compilation is just the latest Numbero product to bootleg the extensive Numero catalog… a label you may have heard mentioned through clenched teeth concerning our preference for “replicating” original 45s, rather than splashing them with shite contemporary design. This is a peace offering: a compilation of both talc-covered classics and unheard floor-fillers. What better way to reintroduce our fledgling concern to the UK than by playing straight to the middle? It is the Numbero way."
01. Lou Ragland – I Travel Alone
02. Walter & the Admerations – Man Oh Man
03. James Dockery – My Faith In You Is All Gone
04. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners – Wait For Me
05. Royal Imperials – This Heart Of Mine
06. Majestees – Take Back All Those Things
07. Benny Scott & the Soul Masters – No Other Woman But You
08. Georgettes – Hard Hard
09. Brand New Faces – Brand New Faces
10. Two Plus Two – I’m Sure
11. Royal Esquires – Ain’t Gonna Run
12. Rudolph Jacobs – Baby, I Love You
13. Skip Drake – Wrapped Around Your Finger
14. Headlines – He’s Looking For A Love
15. Helene Smith – Thrills & Chills
16. Combinations – While You Were Gone
17. Notations – Now I Know How It Feels
18. Eula Cooper – Let Our Love Grow Higher
19. Bob & Fred – I’ll Be On My Way
20. Imperial Wonders – Just A Dream