No Hats No Hoods Reissue Classic ’09 Grime Mixtape


No Hats No Hoods must get kinda pissed off with the 'grime was dead then it came back' narrative. They were one of the labels that carried on supporting the genre in the late 00s period when the mainstream press had run out of ways to patronise MCs. Now the label have started digging into their back catalogue to fill their Bandcamp with tracks and albums that sound as nuts now as they did when first dropped. Having recently made Kozzie's heavy debut available once again, today they've uploaded No Hats No Hoods Edition 1, the DJ Magic mixed compilation first released back in 2009.

Magic's unfussy, chopping mixing style makes this appealing to DJs – the tracks rarely bleed into each other, so for a fiver you're getting just shy of 30 deep grime bangers, killers from start to finish. Highlights include Skepta jumping on 21 Seconds, Tempa T's eternal Next Hype, Badness jumping on a flip of the Duppy beat, and Griminal & Lil Nasty spitting fire over a filthy Oi clone. It's all good though really, go buy into some recent UK history.


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