Nic Liu


“London boy about town” Nic Liu springs into his production career with ‘We Are Different’ on Organic Art Movement’s inaugural offering. Nic DJs regularly with friend and collaborator Tommi ‘rand east and these boys are as serious about producing distinct sounds as they are about weekend long partying. The opener ‘We are Different’ intertwines a deep bassline and sparse vocals, perfect for getting things nicely simmering early doors. Hotly tipped talent Matthew Burton manages to notch it up a gear on remix duty while keeping a cool restraint. The bassline finds its funk and the dancefloor’ll love those chord stabs. Pawas’ remix of ‘Can’t Believe It’ steps out of the underground, losing the dark and twisted feel of original which worked so well. Its not until ‘Closer’ that this EP really takes off – imagine this thundering across the Void club in Gaspar No’s ‘Enter the Void’ – dark and seedy, this track is for those dingy Dalston basements. The throbbing bassline and alarm like melody will be twisting a few heads come 6am. Closing this promising package, remixers Tommi and Luke Black (co-founders with Nic of OAM) slow things down and introduce some intriguing percussion and focus in on those satisfyingly eerie sounds.

Chris Foster

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