New Dumplings Én China Ep


This month sees a new release from Brooklyn rapper and mystic Dumplings én China in the form of EP ‘Your Motha’.

As we found out in our 2014 interview, the 31-year-old offers a unique take on the world which he skilfully delivers alongside an equally gifted cohort of producers.

First coming to our attention with the dirty rustic beats of ‘There Dat Boi Go’, he now gives a lesson in the studied control of rhythm and space in the irresistible ‘Porcelain Pap Smear’. Produced by MTK, it is the standout track on what is a cracker of an EP rounded off by ‘CocaineJuiceCheerleaders’ and ‘Your Motha’ (produced by BLVCK CHARLIE and Ghost respectively).

Engineered by Fellow Brooklyn creative THNDRTHF, who also directed the video for ‘Porcelain Pap Smear’, the record is designed to evoke that feeling that can only be described as a ‘jaw dropper’:

It’s mean, it’s harsh, it’s an “I don’t give a fuck about you””, says Dumplings. “I feel like on this EP, I wanted to show everybody something rugged as my styles vary a lot.  I condensed a feeling into this which revolved around not having a job, not feeling my worth and really just wanting to show these fucks what it is.

Spending much of the last four months in the studio means live performances have been restricted, but something special is planned for the autumn:

“I’m really trying to make sure these performances have value. I’m in the process of setting up a performance at a Matthew Zaremba art opening in September with details soon to come – really, really excited about that as we have been tossing a few ideas back and forth. Like I said, just trying to make sure it all has value instead of a lo-fi head yelling on a microphone.”

Will Dumplings ever get that spot co-hosting Dancing With The Stars? Watch this space.

Check out the EP on Soundcloud here.

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