Nene H launches non-profit label, ‘UMAY’, with EP from BASHKKA

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Nene H has launched UMAY, a non-profit label championing SWANA and QTBIPOC artists.

The first release, an EP titled Maktub (Arabic for ‘it’s written’), comes from Munich-based DJ, producer and trans activist BASHKKA.

Marking her debut solo artist release, in her own words the EP is “an idiosyncratic love letter to myself, my heritage and my community.”


Featuring four original tracks that fuse uptempo club sounds with Kurdish samples, and a Chicago house influenced cut paired with BASHKKA’s vocals, the release solidifies her sound as an artist and speaks to the emotions she’s experienced and dealt with over the past year.

BASHKKA continues: ‘My sound hasn’t been as much of a thought through process and rather an echo of feelings passing through different margins, styles and all underrepresented communities.’

Alongside profits from the EP being shared directly with the artist, their will be a run of merchandise via Bandcamp which will raise money for The Association for Support for Transgender Children (FSTB).

1. Act Bad (4:47)
2. DeFol (5:14)
3. Aziza (5:29)
4. C-quence Of Calamities (4:31)
5. DeFol (Nene H Remix) (4:18)

Maktub will be released on 15th February.