NAFF Recordings launch new techno-focused sub-label Garmo


NAFF Recordings' bosses Priori & Ex-Terrestrial are set to launch a new techno-focused sub-label called Garmo.

The label will act as a platform for the two producers to explore different realms of electronic music and dance floor-focused sounds, with the first release coming from themselves under a new alias, Ntel.

Dilution Effect showcases their fresh take on techno, and sees them developing new methods and finding beauty and texture in the grit and decay. The EP presents the vision for the label going forward, and in contrast to the lighter tones of NAFF it which will see the pair explore a specific style of techno. In their words: “We’re quite picky when it comes to techno and we came to it through an unusual set of influences, so we’ve created our own kind of bubble. When played out, the music seems to mess with people’s expectations sonically and structurally.”

Garmo will exist alongside NAFF which started in 2018 and has released a string of acclaimed releases from friends and under their own aliases.

Garmo: Music of the Microbiome, uncompromising rhythms of the Natural-process.

Dilution Effect wil be released on 6th March.