Nachtdigital announces new compilation and tapes


In line with the last edition of the festival the Nachtdigital team have announced new releases on their in house label. On the 2nd of August they will release two ambient cassette tapes which will showcase the nature and atmospheric environment the festival has become associated with. The tapes have been recorded by family members, Michelson and Vai. Each tape is an hour long and together they follow on in a series which featured a live recording from Jane Fitz at the festival last year. 

The label will also release a compilation of new music featuring an eclectic array of producers and musicians on a compilation called "Nachtdigital Mint". The album features music from Vril, Jing, Polo, Perm, Adel Akram, Application Deadline, Diane Barbé, Exhausted Modern and Trevor Linde. 

The announcement of the compilation was marked by the release of a new video for Jing's "Carbon Based Dream". A track taken from the compilation is reimagined by visual artist Optic Veil. 

Watch below: 

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