The first verse of this new jam from the Neptunes ever grinding hit factory has Pharrell echoing the cadence of a track from De La Souls classic debut LP 3 Feet High and Rising — its bugging me as I cant figure out what that track is, but the flow sounds great over the usual tight funk bass and sharp snares of a NERD single. The downside of sounding a bit like Daisy Age De La is that it tends to draw comparisons to lyrical content, and as ever Pharrell hasnt got a great deal to say- heres the chorus hes offering up All the girls want// hot n fun// all they lookin for// hot n fun

Like, theres nothing really wrong with that, but sometimes I wish hed just try a bit harder. At least with Lapdance he had the pretence of some pseudo political metaphor going on, Hot N Fun comes across as a little tired. It still stands head and shoulders above so much of the competition, but for me has more of the vibe of a studio cast off than a genuine contender.



Ian Mcquaid